By Crete Dental Center
June 23, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out which dental option is most ideal for replacing your missing teeth.

Before talking to your Crete, NE family dentist it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of different dental options, especially if you Dental Implants are looking to replace missing teeth. If tooth loss is untreated it can lead to more serious complications for your smile so contact Dr. James E. Jirovec today to find out which treatment option is best for you. Here are some things to consider before deciding whether to get dental implants or a dental bridge.

The maintenance factor

What makes dental implants ideal is that they require very little upkeep and maintenance. Since they function just like real teeth you can also brush and floss them just as you would natural teeth. Plus, implants don’t require adjustments and replacements every 10 to 15 years like dental bridges do.

Replace several missing teeth

One of the biggest advantages of opting for dental implants in Crete, NE is that they can be used to replace more than one missing tooth. In fact, they can even replace an entire smile. Dental bridges, on the other hand, require healthy natural teeth for support and stability.

Protect healthy surrounding teeth

Dental implants are also the only tooth replacement option that actually protects natural teeth without putting strain on them, unlike dental bridges, which require healthy surrounding teeth to work properly. Implants also prevent natural teeth from shifting around and causing misalignments.

Consider length of treatment

While dental implants boast a variety of benefits, keep in mind that the treatment process is lengthier and more invasive than getting dental bridges. Patients can get a dental bridge in only two visits, while getting dental implants requires several procedures and over a few months. If you are looking for a fast, easy way to replace your missing teeth, then you may want to consider dental bridges.

Jawbone health

If you have significant jawbone loss or damage, then your Crete, NE family dentist may steer you toward getting dental bridges. While dental implants have certainly come a long way, they still require a healthy jawbone in order to function. If you have significant jawbone problems, it may be easier and less expensive to opt for dental bridges instead.

Are you ready to talk to your Crete, NE family dentist about your tooth loss treatment options? We are ready to talk to you, too! Call us today to schedule a consultation with Crete Dental Center.